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martes, 12 de junio de 2012

I have a dream

Believe me! I don’t wanna be a new Martir Luther King and lead the next black power revolution, you`ve had enough of them, revolutions I mean. anyway

I do remember my dream clearly. Somehow I flight to Minnesota with my friend and former roommate Fabien. We were visiting the facilities for olimpic swimmers. The group of pilgrims was there, girls were wandering around followed by an excited Nick and I took conversations with at least Josh, Mr Bean, John, and Pat.

In America everything is big, I mean huge. U sleep in king size beds, teenagers cars are pickups, children toys are bazookas, u enjoy two-floored houses, all of u but Laurine´s who share a flat, hamburguers are one pound size so then the pills for digestion must be one kilo ! Crazy guys!.

The thing is that we were all together beneath the pools, taking spanish tortilla and beers. There were three pools. The first was the same size they use in olimpic games, second was twice the first. But the third one really drove me crazy. It was one mile long and really wide.

I asked if that pool was usual in America and Josh talk me that it was the only way the swimmers could practice “the mile contest” properly. And all of u were really astonished because European people we do not have this kind of pool.

The pool was so awesome that even the water became rough with big waves and so.

Now I´m awake, (I cannot write in my blog when I´m sleeping) and my question is:. "Is it so usual to have one mile pool in every American State or just in Minnesota?" 
– I have been checking in Google, but I haven´t found the answer.

Thanks a lot for bringing light to my knowledge darkness.

Now I have to say goodbye.I must retake my daily training in my tidy fifty meters long spanish pool.
See u guys

Pd. During the dream, Mustaza push me into the water. Never mind my friend, but next time be sure I let my coinpursue and passport safe on the grass. Otherwise it could be troublesome for me, ask Vivek