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miércoles, 27 de junio de 2012

A present from overseas...

I was taking breakfast with my mates, talking about soccer and economy as usual, (a national soccer coach and a first minister is hiding in every spanish dude) when suddenly the ring belted. 

Beyond the door one post-package coming from the USA. What the hell is that? I opened the parcel carefully to find an amazing official Minnesota University T-Shirt for Ballantine, and a new fellow, official mascot, for me. Great, I was really happy so then we decided to make a brindis with galician-wine.

You should have seen Ballantine´s face when he arrived home. T-shirt really fits him, and Gildo is so nice, smart and american. I think I´m going to buy a rifle for him, so then he can feel like at home. Ballantine was so full of joy that turned into tears. Oh such a present. We do really appreciate so much! Amazing and moving gesture. Thanks a lot my friends, We will never forget u.
With love
Popotamo...& Valen

It was the beggining of a magic day, Spain beated brightly Portugal in Euro soccer Semifinals,thanks to a thrilling penalty serie. 2012 the year where Durant was sacred as an awesome megastar, LeBront and cia got their first ring, and we made the St.James way all together.