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jueves, 31 de julio de 2008

descanso en menorca

HI fellows!

Long time without hearing from me!. Well I have taken some days away, I was with my friends the teddy bears, visiting Menorca. Views from our holiday home, lovely don´t think so?

Such a great place, Beaches are wonderful, cristalclear water, relaxing landscapes, astonishing sunsets, virgin locations ..

and mermaids coming from water, uff...lots of them,

The island is quite small, 45 kms is the farthest distance between two points and is so extremely quiet that we do not even hear the sound of car horns in a week, so usual and annoying here in Madrid. (Big beard has hidden...can you find him?)

Life, as we expected, is a bit pricey, but chosing the right places you can eat galore for little money, but not everybody can enjoy the company of a local friend,

We have had a great time, relax, sand, good meals, and night fever, We would like to thank our restless and enthusiastic host. Without his help this adventure would never take place, thanks a lot Santi, Paquito we do really miss u.

And don´t forget to go down to "cala en porte" and get into the most shocking disco location we have ever been, and we have been in a good number, "Cueva d'En Xoroi", known as "la cueva". caves carved on the rock linked by corridors in the middle of a sharpened cliff. you can hear the music of dj mixed with the sound of the waves crashing against the wall, unbelievable, we do strongly recommend it.

The island in a short is a good choice for an antistress cure and fun.

See you later friends and thxs for reading

Popotamo...and ositos.

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