aventuras y desventuras de un superviviente en la jungla madrileña, germanofilo y amante de la belleza,...preferiblemente femenina.

martes, 29 de mayo de 2012

Castilla pain and nightmare under the sun

Believe me! I have never seen such an astonishing people, after suffering sun burnings they go to the pharmacy and get..30 SPF suncreams, Hey! Are u for real? Do u wanna get into the hospital?.Infinite walks, diabolic temperatures, lot of dust, art, and churches, lot of them, uff boring, and monochrome and annoying landscapes. Sometimes I believed I were dead and were paying for my sins. No pain no reward! So then I will end beneath San Peter, otherwise this is a joke! Love of fun during the evenings, chat beer and spirits. Blisters turn up everywhere and tendinitis become part of the legs. Some boys keep their promise about not shaving themselves, they look like ancient pilgrims. After climbing the wall I sleep with a cat, fun!

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