aventuras y desventuras de un superviviente en la jungla madrileña, germanofilo y amante de la belleza,...preferiblemente femenina.

domingo, 27 de mayo de 2012

Adventure on the way

Time to meet the new amazing fellows. Due to the flight restrictions they couldn´t bring their daily arsenal (bazookas, hand-granades, colt),so then when the supermarket is closed they have to go to the bar instead of shooting a duck with the rifle,as they are used to do, !crazy guys!. Rainy days, and muddy paths to slip and fall, heavy boots to walk the rookie climbs. Donkeys, sheeps, germans and cows. First touch with crowdy albergues, pintxos, wine, and good food. Enjoy and carpe diem. The more I know about the group the more I liked them.

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