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martes, 3 de junio de 2008

wearing wigs!!

This was our little tribute to all those heavy bands from nineties, Europe, Bon Jovi, and so on...

I would like to thank the guys I share room with, Nick, half spanish on her mother side, willing to learn this tongue. man, go on, you will get it by sure, and his friend Tom, as supple as elastic. Both guys left their homes 5 moths ago, and they are travelling around the world. In fact when they left Edimburg they were leading to London. Good luck and thanks for everything.

This day was great, our fourth day in route, we did visit the very famous, well known, everybody is going to ask you if you have visited it or not, as if it were the only thing worthy to watch in whole Scotland. Elean Donan Castle, were some scenes from "The inmortals" were filmed.

Awesome views aren´t they? the history of this castle is really sad. First built during the kingdom of Alexander II of Scotland (12xx) to protect their land against norwegian invaders, became resident of highlander clan MacRae, who left the castle after the Union treatment between Scotland and England. Later, a garrison of spanish who were trying to help the scotish Jacobites to recover their throne rights, occupied the site. So then English navy bombed the place in order to get an overwhelming victory, spanish men surrended and castle turned into a piles of stones.

Two centuries after those events a very wealthy guy, married with an even richer woman, decided to rebuilt the castle, a masive sum of money was put on. That´s why it seems to be so perfectly preserved.

Inside you can find an exact replica of an acient kitchen with maids and servers, foods and kitchen tools. very unique place

Views from castle ..

All togheter from left to right, Jane, always ready for another shot or also called "another drink?", Nick, Marochi, Tazia, Gabi, Tom at the back side, Me, holded by our tour leader Grahan, Gaby, "sailor captain", last one to left the party, and Madison, that besides give her name to a basketball arena, speaks fluent spanish with a sweety uruguayan accent.

It looks like bones, but they were really stones, perfectly polished by water across the centuries,

This dog came one and again into water to rescue the wood stick previously thrown, very friendly dog like all I found across scotland,
Justin celebreated his twentieth birthday, congratulions!!, bathing on the river drinking a pint of lager. This guy is one in a million, canadian, living in england, and his passport has more signs that an average spanish guy passport will have in his whole life. a brave guy and good friend. he always have a beer ready for you and is able to drink one can of beer in less than 3 seconds, even when the beer is warm. Shocking isn´t it?



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