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domingo, 1 de junio de 2008

first day

hey boys... Here we go! First day of the adventure. Can you Imagine u with 10 more english speeking mother tongue fellows all together in the some trip? Yeah..such a mess! Different access mixed in crazy arguments, full of joy, and lots of jokes, challenging isn't it? At the very begginig we visited Forth Bridge, is a very well known, remarkable place,here one bridge for train, another big one for cars. First touch with clear and huge massive amounts of water: LOCHS...They used this world both for salat and sweet waters, so then prior you don't know if you face a proper lake or salat water.You can find a good number of them all around this land.Charmfull, lovely, great.

Then began the show of !waterfalls! you can find lot of them throughout the scottish countrysite, enjoyable, fresh water running, little animals all around, and...the worst of all, MIGGIS!!. They were quite respectful with me, my blod must be not very sweet, well, in fact I have no blod at all, jajaja, advantages of being a puppy, but they did masacrate some of my travelmates!

Waterfalls, rivers, and ruined castles, here you can see the barracks of Ruthern. After the 1715 Jacobite raising, some barracks were built in strategic places to police the highlands. In 1745 Ruthven was sucessfully defended against a detachment of Prince Bonnye Charlie, but had to surrended to his main force in the following year. when the barracks were burned.

End of the day loch ness sailing, good place to rest and say goodbye, after a few beers in the bar. Members of the group seemed to be very friendly, open-minded, and they have travelled a lot, amazing stories were told in that little tavern. First meeting was really positive.Time to rest, boys on one room, girls in other, Bobby and Graham on their own,


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