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lunes, 2 de junio de 2008

second day, love is in the air!!

Second day Oh man! I've completely fallen in love, and you will know why. For first time in my life I have experienced this only supposed human feeling, I thought I will never do, but in fact I have feel it, and in such an intensive way, friends!. and I think she, in certain way,loves me too, but only the way you love a pet, I guess. Oh, she's so friendly, nice, georgeus, amazing, and she always have a smile and is ready to roar with laughter if the joke deserves it. She finds me really cute, and every time she put her arms around me I feel in heaven. Oh Steffy, the lover of animals you're so extremely close, ummm, can a human and a puppy marry? My tribute to the queen of Australia!, I will never ever forget you.

Despite of my special nature, I have been really well-accepted by the group.Not only Steffy but Bobby, Graham and the rest all them, are very keen on me, I fell really special, I am the only one who is different here. I go with them every time we stop and come out of the staggering and the bus that so oftencauses me travelsick
a very curious place; a geological phenomenon, a beach covered by smooth and perfectly round stones. Very very unique place. First touch with North See, and water was not as cold as we expected, anyway no one dared to swing in the ocean. Once again we had a really good weather, I wonder where's the famous rain and foggy weather from Scotland?. People noses and arms becomed red today, mine remained grey.
waterfalls, green valleys, ruined castles,

We rested in a very special bed and breakfast,where two huge and playful dogs wellcome us, and we had a extremely copious and rich barbecue, that only costed 3 pounds per head. We collected the money, bought some food in a big store, and finally we cooked it all in the B&B. We do all colaborate, but I have to make an special mention to the australian, living in canada Tazia, who has a wonderful hand elaborating salats. Great Great, Great. I remember the delicious taste of bacon, by the way, british bacon is quite different from that we take in Spain, is more tasty, has more to do with "tocino" than with a thin oily slice of pig. At the end of the day, my owner felt like playing Chess and he challenged Marochi, it was a long long match. He won, obviously, Had anyone any doubts? jajaj, but we lost the track of the fellows and we couldn't join the night beers. We moved from pub to pub, unsuscessfully, finally we couldn't find them. What a pity!, anyway we could sleep well,and recharged our batteries for the next day.

Kindly regards

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