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jueves, 5 de junio de 2008

time to say goodbye...

We woke up in Obam, the ferry you can watch in front of the opposite cost is the one who carries people dayly to the isle of Mull.

The five day tour came to the end.

What a pity but never last for ever, after a very very long evening-night go out, drinking galore, proper hangover in some of us...

....we try to finish in our best. We closed the tour singing chikichiki, watching Madison´s tongue move in unusual ways, and cheering Justin when he drank 3 beers in a while, amazing show! Do you remember the beer shower?

In this place the clan MacDonald was slaugthered while they were sleeping, children, women and men. The England king ordered the warriors of the clan Cullon who were hosted by the McDonald to kill of the members of the clan. Only few members could run away to the mountains where they perished because of the icy weather.

Look this hairy and a big head of catle, amazing isn´t it? The long hair keeps them safe from miggies and sun in summer, and from rain and cold in winter,so then they can live happy in Highland outdoors in any year season.and they are huge, one and a half times a spanish cow, one thousand times a Popotamo, jejej.

this is the monument dedicated to William Wallace, (Braveheart ), an the city of Stirling from the hill

It has been great absolutely great, I would like to thank all of you, because you have been really friendly, patient and a kind of 24-hours wordreference for me. Morning and noon, evening and night, you were always there and made this travel a real experience. I would like to congratulate Graham for his support and great organization of the tour, and obviously my cousin Jose, without his help I this wouldn´t happened.

Waiting for Jose laying on grass in the middle of Princess Park a good book in front of me, fresh beer beneath..

Visual effect, there is a 5 meters descending ramp between the path in first place and the two girls reading.

Thanks a lot to all of you,my travelmates. you´ll have a room wherever I am.

Kindly regards
Popotamo...and Kobabumga

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